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You can find my writing published in various automotive magazines, and books, here is a sneek preview of my upcoming book:

The Modern Tradition: Hotrodders, Artists, and Icons

Someday they’ll uncover your bones, and theyll all wonder who you use to be. Now they wont have to wonder. They can turn these pages and know exactly who you were when you, were you; before you are, what you will be, which is just dust in the ground. After all isnt that what all this is for? Someday someone will see what you’ve built and how you made it, and they will forever know your work, long after your name has lost its meaning. Like Kenneth Howard, before Paris Hilton and Jay Z where wearing him. You are a hotrodder, an artist, and an icon, a person who will influence time and the world for better or worse.

You will read this and know that these people are people, and thats pretty much what this is for. Consider it an encyclopedia of a group of individuals. This group makes up a unique class of people who share the same hopes and dreams, and the same fantasy. What sets these people apart is that they are living their dreams and fulfilling those fantasies. They woke up one morning and decided that they couldnt work the desk job, they couldnt deny their true self, and that there was something better out there. A craving for the way things use to be, when simplicity and style ruled over cheap and quick, where being honest meant something, and doing something the right way triumphed over all. (Or at least thats the way they want to remember it) They may have in truth never known what it was really like growing up in the 50s. Most grew up in the 70s and 80s during a time when disco was dying, punk prevailing, E.T. was hot, and most kids dreamed of owning a DeLorean, and not a classic hotrod. Yet, even as these kids grew up out of a disposable age, they longed for old values, values older than they even knew. These are their stories, their truths, and their values, being carried on to present day, and improved upon, these are their modern traditions.


Preface: A scrapbook of stories:

As we grow old we will have too many stories to tell. Our children wont care, and one day all the scrap yards and photo boxes will be the only ones left to tell our tales. We wont know how to work those new fangled computers or explain the way it use to be. We will have trouble remembering the details, the names and the faces, but we will remember it as a damn good time. This is the story of a damn good time: