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The Huntress

 She sits in silence amongst the leaves
 Her eyes are steady her breath at ease
 Her patient palms set on her bow
 Feet firmly planted, and head set low
 The huntress waits and stalks her prey
 Night after night, and into day
 Her vision grows weak, her hopes turns to sorrow
 Each day she prays for a better tomorrow

 Until all at once she sees
 The glint of something among the trees
 She steadies herself, she takes to her aim
 Within her heart there is a flame

 The deer and huntress lock in gaze
 A noble opponent in the morning haze
 The huntress sees this crown-ed buck,
 the velvet hair which hay has stuck

 Her hands are weak, her eyes they close
 and this is how the huntress goes

 Laying in a field of honeydew
 Her stomach thin and overdue
 A meal her lips shall never taste
 Her prize is lost, as is the chase

the hunter

Death Race

In the spirit of Halloween I decided to do a series of skulls, each to be completed in a week’s time. I am calling my project “Death Race” This week’s accomplishment is Death Race No 1. and is available on Etsy as well as my Website. I am using the hashtag #CherryDeathRace to keep myself motivated and share my progress with all of my IG and Facebook followers. Prints and the Original on sale now.


Death Race Prints Available


Detail of Death Race No 1


Original Death Race No 1

Forget Me Not

Now for sale on Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/listing/157756793/forget-me-not-acrylic-graffiti-style?

Forget Me Not by Cherry Martini

“Forget Me Not” Fashion meets graffiti art. Beautiful and haunting portrait of a woman in purple and blue, with vibrant flowers. This is for archival signed and numbered prints, 12″x12″ in size. Purchase at MsCherryMartini




WE CAN’T STOP HERE- Hunter S. Thompson by Cherry Martini


The Cubist Collages

Cubist Collage by Cherry Martini

Come In Cubist Collage

The Cubist Collages

Meek Inheritance and Come In

New Art from Cherry Martini

Tribute to the work of Saul Bass For Sale Original $60

Tribute to the work of Saul Bass For Sale Original $60



Nun Other by artist Cherry Martini

9″x12″ acrylic on canson SOLD


Original Artwork by Cherry Martini for sale $25


New Works by Cherry Martini on Sale now. Message ms_cherry_martini@yahoo.com to inquire on purchasing.


Cherry Martini in Vogue Italia

Cherry Martini teams with Los Angeles based, IT Vogue photographer Tatiana Gerusova (www.tatianagerusova.com) for a shoot in the suburbs outside Los Angeles.

Make up artist Bebe Gene. Couture Papusza : www.papuszacouture.com

Like the car? It’s Cherry Martini’s 1969 Karmann Ghia:

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