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Autocult Magazine Features Cherry Martini in 2013 Calendar

Gearhead’s wait no more your 2013 Calendar is here. The Cover features Cherry Martini seated in Keith Weesner’s custom 1950 Ford Shoebox. If the world doesn’t end in 2012 you just might get to enjoy all the ladies featured here.

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auto calendar 2013

Cherry Martini in Vogue Italia

Cherry Martini teams with Los Angeles based, IT Vogue photographer Tatiana Gerusova (www.tatianagerusova.com) for a shoot in the suburbs outside Los Angeles.

Make up artist Bebe Gene. Couture Papusza : www.papuszacouture.com

Like the car? It’s Cherry Martini’s 1969 Karmann Ghia:

Travis Haight 2012 photoshoot Cherry Martini

Photographer Travis Haight 2012

ms cherry martini

No Rest for the Wicked Photoshoot:

no rest for the wicked

Terry Richardson Photoshoot commentary

Posted from Tumblr: “In 2009 I did a photoshoot with the infamous Terry Richardson at the Chateau Marmount in Hollywood. This was by far the tamest photo of the shoot. I am always left wondering how amazing is Terry Richardson really? Most of the photos that where shot that day where taken by his assistant, because (if you notice) in many of his other shoots he’s actually in the photos. So where do we find a line between fame and talent. Can anyone become famous at anything with the right spin? Does it all depend on where we came from? Who we know? In my opinion I enjoy Terry’s work, it’s why when he pulled me to shoot with him I was ecstatic, but looking back now, is Terry’s art more about his photography or his ideas? Does it matter?”

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